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Endorsements Joep de Jong

Below, you wil find a number of endorsements for Joep de Jong following his lectures and training sessions.

Speaker Joep de Jong - endorsements

Joep's strength lies in his words, his strength is course, his strength is letting go, his strength is appreciation, his strength is inspiration, his strength is determination. I could go on describing his high added value, talents and self-awareness. Much better would be to experience yourself by letting him take you into a new flourishing reality. A pillar, a guide, a compass and a new approach. Every executive, every organization will learn and win.

Mark Venekamp – Executive & Business Mentor, Trainer, Entrepreneur


"I've known Joep for a long time and over the years he has become my pillar in the field of management. He is a strong leader, his way of managing is to enable his employees to give the best of themselves in each situation." 

Maarten Thissen – Teamleider ‘Dutch Innovation Factory’ Zoetermeer, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

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