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Endorsements Margriet de Schutter

Below, you will find a number of endorsements for Margriet de Schutter, following her lectures.

"The first time I have attended one of Margriet's lectures, I was moved to tears by the sincerity and strength of her story. Margriet her story makes you rethink your own life choices. If you are in despair of the road you want to follow in your (working) life, then you must have attended a lecture by Margriet! "

- Martijn Aslander, Permanent Beta


"Margriet impressed me with her endearing lecture and her vulnerability which she dared to show. Margriet's lecture reflected everything Brené Brown tells about the power of vulnerability. At the same time, like a true top athlete, she knows how to set about her work, and how to put the necessary focus and willpower across. I once more experienced this half years later, when I had the chance to attend her lecture for the second time. In the eyes of many people, Margriet will sureley be a nice young girl, but she already has a story, filled with a lifetime of wisdom!"


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