You are looking for a (social media) marketer with business acumen? A professional, thinking out-of-the-box? But also someone who gives a personal touch to the marketing of yourself, your product, your charity or your company? I will be glad to help you, by contributing ideas about the marketing and communications and realizing the plans made for this.

Would you like to know more about social media? From my own practical experience I have gained with EPLÚ Management Support and The NetworKing Academy, where I had been responsable for PR & social media marketing for years, it is my pleasure to help you in creating your social media (business) profiles. I will also show you how social media can work for your company and what could be the results you are able to achieve.

Are you interested in how EPLÚ Management Support can help you in the field of Marketing? Please contact me. It will be me my pleasure to inform you about the possibilities.

Anne Marie always has everything in control. So you can leave it all up to her!"- Simone Delorme, voice-over, actrice, presenter

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